system.nav.openWindowInstance not opening new instance

I have the following code in three different buttons and when i click them they always close teh first instance. What am i doing wrong? I tried it with and without the center window with the same result, Thanks

import system
ppt =“Extractor/Misc/Extra_Tag”).value

system.nav.openWindowInstance(‘TSC_Popup_Part_Temps’, {‘ExtractorNum’ : 1, ‘PrimaryPartTemp’ : ppt})


I don’t see anything wrong with this code so I would look elsewhere for the problem. I’d look for any code that could close that window and see if it is somehow triggering when you open a new instance of the window.

Also check the console in the client to see if any exceptions are being raised.

I wonder if you are having the same problem I had when I wrote my first openWindow script. When I ran it, it would switch to the new window I was opening, instead of popping it up on top of the window I currently had open. I was confused for a while, then realized it was because I was in design mode. Once I launched the project, it worked perfectly.