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We are currently using HTTP Client in a couple of projects and we are struggling with an specific error that pop’s up randomly in different gateways.

Short description:
The entire code is placed in the gateway project library.
We are using scheduled Task to run the API’s at a specific point in time

Done a little bit of research about HttpClient:

After using HTTP Client via Ignition do we need to run something to release the resources? or this is done automatically?

What is the recommended approach when we speak about:


Hello Bogdan,

Can you paste the full error stack here? From that short snippet, it looks like the URL/Server is closing the connection on Ignition's HTTP Client request?

How often does this issue occur? Everyday? Once a week?

The script will automatically release the resource when the script is completed.

full error stack.txt (9.3 KB)
RBW-MESOPC08-Prod_thread_dump20221014-152812.json (145.4 KB)

Hard to say...I haven't been able to find a pattern how often this problem occurs

The error you just attached is different than the one in your original post. PKIX path building failed: unable to find valid certification path to requested target

It implies you're connecting to a server via HTTPS which has a certificate that is not trusted.

The original error was the connection being closed by something external to Ignition. Other side, firewall, etc...