doesn't Time out or Error

Hi all,

I am seeing a strange behaviour when trying to execute function on a Ignition 7.9.8 with Java version 1.8.0_66, Windows Server 2019 Standard x64.

I’ve been testing this from the script console with a simple get from the local gateway homepage.“http://localhost:8088/main/web/home?1”)

However, if I deliberately feed in an invalid URL, say:“http://http://localhost:8088/main/web/home?1”)

The script console would just stay in the executing state as if it’s caught in an infinite loop.

If I do the same thing on my local gateway with the same Ignition and Java version I’d get a fault straight away.

The ultimate goal is to do a HTTP get from a 3rd party device which so far it hasn’t worked either. It exhibit the same behaviour of “stuck in a loop” when I try to execute the function with the URL to the device, even though I am able to read the data using cURL in Windows Command with the same device URL.

I am also not seeing any fault logged in the wrapper log either…

Any suggestion would be much appreciated.


Found the problem. Java network setting was set to Use browser settings on a server that had security policy set up…