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I would like to open a pdf from a configured URL using this function but it occupies the entire screen when opened? Is there a way to provide the resolution for the window that opens up while calling this function?

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No. We have no control over which application is opened or how it is opened; the entire point of the function is that it’s entirely generic.

If you specifically know you have a PDF file, and you can guarantee a specific program to read PDFs will be installed on every client computer, you could try using system.util.execute to launch that particular program with (if it supports them) arguments to set the size and position.


It looks like system.util.execute function takes only commands as its parameters. Is there a way to mention the program’s resolution elsewhere?

No. The way a program opens is up to that program and the OS. If the program accepts some means to decide how it opens, then you could pass that as an argument.

If this is a Windows system, you could try opening the PDF, then invoking a separate program that tells Windows how to position the application, e.g. launching an Autohotkey script. Similar techniques could probably be used for MacOS or Linux systems (depending on your window manager and desktop environment). But it comes down to the same point - once you’re out of Ignition, this is all up to your OS. You need to find a way to tell your OS what to do - which is fundamentally not something Ignition is interested in, as a cross-platform application platform.

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