- Any way to make part of the subject line bold?

Pretty much what the title asks. I’m attempting to make a part of the subject line bold when using I’ve got the html flag turned on and while it works in the email body it doesn’t seem to work in the subject line. I’m not sure if this is a possibility but wanted to touch base here just in case someone has been able to do so.

smtp_server = "Default SMTP"
FromAddress = ""
Subject = '<html><b>Bold Subject</b></html>'
body = '<html>text<br><b>Bold Text</b><br>text</html>'
recipients = ['']
cc_recipients = [], fromAddr=FromAddress, subject=Subject, body=body, html=1, to=recipients, cc=cc_recipients)

Pretty sure it is a limitation of the SMTP standard for emails, not a limitation in Ignition.


As always, Phil is correct. :slight_smile:

The standard does not allow for HTML in email subject lines, but there’s a work around – if you’re using a recent version of Ignition you can use unicode in the subject. You can fake out bold or italic text in unicode – a quick search for “use bold text in unicode” will give you ideas on how to do this.

(Just a caution – this can trigger some spam filters.)

For the sake of pedantry, SMTP is the transmission protocol. RFC 5322 is the format standard, plus RFC 2045 through RFC 2049 aka MIME Email - Wikipedia

I’ve had this request before and it’s usually the result of someone seeing the priority feature of Outlook and going “wow I’m so important all of my emails should be bold”

I rank this up there with the return receipt feature and fully support @KathyApplebaum’s solution. I believe spam is the proper categorization for this type of thing. It’s bad enough emojis make it through :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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