System.opc.browse and system.opc.browseSimple read timeout

How we have things setup:
A machine has a Siemens PLC
We have a RedLion DSPLE unit to do the protocol conversion to Allen Bradley, which supports browsing
We have our Allen-Bradley PLC tags mapped to the Siemens tags through the DSPLE

I am trying to browse the opc tags without dragging them into Ignition with the following code:

OPCServerName = ‘Ignition OPC-UA Server’
plc_name = ‘AppPLC001’
status_folder_name = ‘MetznerBlack_Status’
codes_folder_name = ‘MetznerBlack_Codes’
TagPath_Status = ‘ns=1;s=[%s]%s’ % ( plc_name, status_folder_name )
TagPath_Codes = ‘ns=1;s=[%s]%s’ % ( plc_name, codes_folder_name )
status_tag_names = system.opc.browseSimple( OPCServerName, plc_name, ‘’ + status_folder_name + '’, None )

every time I try to run this, I get a read timeout after about a minute or two.
What am I doing wrong?

Dragging the tags into Ignition does work (i can browse the tags if I drag them in from the OPC server), but I would rather not have to duplicate them when I don’t need to do any advanced scripting on them, like performing such and such an action when a tag value changes.

any luck with this? I have the same problem