System.opc.browse is very slow, warning for some node?

We use system.opc.browse to browse from a client the ignition opc-ua server (Expose Configured Tags is activated for this purpose)

opcServerName = “Ignition OPC-UA Server”
opcItemPath = “/TBA/SIG/R2400/10001/
tags = system.opc.browse(opcServer=opcServerName, opcItemPath=opcItemPath)

With this opcItemPath filter, the function return about 20 tags, bug it take about 15 seconds.
Our tag database is about 75 Ktags.

The filter seems to have no effect on the system.opc.browse response time.
Moreover, we have always the same warning in the gateway logger.

Any idea for the source of these warning, and how to improve response time?

system.opc.browse is terribly inefficient - it does a deep, recursive browse, using the path to filter out results, but it still browses everything.

system.opc.browseServer, while harder to use because you must handle recursively browsing yourself, can be more efficient because you can control which folders get descended into during the browse.

This post contains a simple example of using the function: … ver#p50741