System.opc.browse issue

I try to get the list of tags of my opc server with the built in function system.opc.browse() but the function return nothing…

I follow that exemple:
server = “Local_CODESYS”
tags = system.opc.browse(opcServer=server)
for row in tags:
print row.getOpcServer(), row.getOpcItemPath(), row.getType(),
print row.getDisplayName(), row.getDisplayPath(), row.getDataType()

Firstly, you should include all code within ` characters (you can also use the ‘preformatted text’ formatting button) so that spacing in your code is kept. Without it, code becomes unreadable.

Secondly, the system.opc.browse function requires two arguments at least, the server name and the device to retrieve tags from. I dont know if there’s a function that will browse devices as well, but this one doesn’t do that

I have followed all examples in ignition 8 system.opc.browse and I never been able to get some result.

Can you provide me script example to browse opc, I just want to get something that works to put me on the good way…