system.opc.browseServer or system.opc.browseSimple

These 2 statements are hanging up( Not sure which one to use, if anyone has used them, please respond ). I need to bring in 800 plus tags via a script. The tags are in Kepware folder structure. Thanks S
I have KepwareServer
Below that Folder "U"
Then Subfolder with names like '01-02-0A.'
Then under '01-02-0A' "folderpath" with name like 'UAC...'
Underneath that there are individual tags. So there '01-02-0A','01-02-0B' etc like 300 folders and within them Tagname ( same name as the folder ) 'UAC0001','UAC0002' etc ( 4-5 under each '01-02-0A...' )

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