I am reading through a RXLinx Gateway to a SLC 5/04. I want to read 5 ASCII file locations to come up with a 10 character serial number string. Here is the code:

import system
opc_server = "S90P"

SerialNumberList = []
for i in range(5):
	name = "[CP3_OPC]A212:6%s" % i
	SerialNumberList.append(system.opc.readValue(opc_server, name).value)
SerialNumber = "".join(SerialNumberList)

print SerialNumberList
print SerialNumber

This is headed to the right place and returning the right values, but there is also a strange “u” involved. printed value:

What I’d like to return is simply the string ‘A124618678’. I’m sure there’s a very simple explanation, but I can’t seem to find it anywhere.

That will only show up in the console. It means the string is unicode. You won’t see that if you write it to a tag or to a database.