What is the proper syntax to list item Paths when using system.opc.readValues?

I am able to use system.opc.readValue to read one tag, but when attempting to read multiple I receive “TypeError: readValues(): 2nd arg can’t be coerced to String[]”

The second argument needs to be a list.
A list looks like this:

myList = ["path1","path2","path3"]

SN = system.opc.readValues('Ignition OPC-UA Server', "[MES_PLC]Global.CarrierInfo.CarrierInfo[0].Serial_Number.STRING]","[MES_PLC]Global.CarrierInfo.CarrierInfo[0].Order_Number.STRING]") print SN

I receive “TypeError: readValues(): expected 2 args; got 3”

The square brackets around the paths are missing. Try this:

SN = system.opc.readValues('Ignition OPC-UA Server',["[MES_PLC]Global.CarrierInfo.CarrierInfo[0].Serial_Number.STRING]","[MES_PLC]Global.CarrierInfo.CarrierInfo[0].Order_Number.STRING"])
print SN