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Can someone please help me understand print in Perspective? From the manual, system.perspective.print - Ignition User Manual 8.1 - Ignition Documentation, it states,

Sends print statements to the Script Console when in the Designer. When in a Session, sends print statements to the Output Console. This function makes scripting diagnostics easier.

I think there is some issue with semantics on this. I refer to the script console under tools, where you can test or practice. From using system.perspective.print, it prints to the output console when in designer, and does nothing when in a session. Is the manual wrong? Is what I described how it works? Does system.perspective.print not work while in session?


On Designer

On Session

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Thanks, didn’t even cross my mind to open the console for the browser.

I still don’t like the terminology they used in the manual.

Well that is the browser console. I don’t know what else they would call it.

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They didn’t call it the browser console. They referred to the script console, which isn’t correct and then the output console, which is only correct for when in designer.

Yeah, the documentation is just wrong. We’ll get it fixed.

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