system.perspective.togglePopup (Draggable Bug?)

Hello There,

We are using the “system.perspective.togglePopup” function within Ignition to display our popup window. Currently this works fine except for one problem - when I try to set the ‘draggable’ property to False within my scripting it does not seem to be take.

As a result, the pop-up is always draggable when it displays. I checked my syntax and I don’t see anything wrong… just wondering if anyone else see’s something I am not here?

system.perspective.openPopup(“00x11”,‘Navigation/AlarmsTest’, position = {‘left’:1,‘top’:1}, params = {“alarmFilter”:alarmFilterParam}, draggable = False, resizable = False, showCloseIcon = False, modal = True)

Thank You

Is there any chance that ANY part of the Popup is rendering off the screen? Could you provide a screenshot of the Page while the Popup is open?

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Thanks you were right. There was a tiny portion rendering outside of the view. Fixed and working now

Okay good. If a Popup is rendered even partially off-screen at any point, then it becomes (at least temporarily) draggable. Once the Popup is fully on-screen it should behave as properties dictate.

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