system.print.createPrintJob only gives one printer

I am trying to allow operators to print various screens and reports at will.

I have installed a printer (via USB) that they had onsite. I am able to print test pages from windows.

I also installed a virtual PDF printer and can print to it from notepad, wordpad and the like.

When I call the function above, I am only given the option to print to the “Microsoft XPS Document Writer”. No other printer show up in the list. Therefore I am unable to print either screens or reports, as the report print command appears to use the same function.

Code I am calling is below:
job = system.print.createPrintJob(event.source.parent)
job.zoomFactor = 0.75
job.showPageFormat = 0

Is there a place to add these printers to this function? are there additional drivers that I need to install?

Thanks for any help.

As a followup to this:

I was able to get this working but turning off the driver signing requirement for Windows Server 2012 R2 which involved a reboot.

The printers now show up inside the Ignition Printer command as well as windows. I am guessing this was a Microsoft issue, but I thought I would throw out the solution that I found.