System.print in Perspective

When I run the code I get the following error

Does anyone know how I could fix this?
Edit: I am using it in perspective, is it only for vision? even if I use a perspective object

the system.gui/print functions are only for vision.

perspective doesnt rly have a print screen(i think). but you can use the browsers print (ctrl+p)

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Victor’s correct, there’s no analogue for the system.print functionality that works in Perspective.

You’re not alone in wanting it ([FEATURE] Print Perspective view to default printer. (or generate PDF of view functionality), Perspective Print Screen, Perspective Printing and Printer Configuration, and so on) but currently there’s no standardized cross-browser way to actually do what anyone wants. Until that capability exists in browsers, our hands are basically tied. We don’t want to introduce a feature that works in one browser (e.g. Chrome) but not in Firefox or Safari - that’s just asking for a headache for support, training and every application developer’s end users.

For now, I’d say to train your users to use the tools available in the browser, e.g: