Perspective Printing and Printer Configuration

From Perspective, scripting no longer has access to the system print functions, for such things as creating print jobs. Is there an alternative way to send only specific information to a printer? For example, just printing the contents of a table, or an image - not the whole screen.

Not yet because all scripts are run on the Gateway, not your local environment. Local file system and network functionality is something we’re planning on bringing in further down the road.

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Has this functionality been released?

No, and it probably won’t be for a while. In addition to various other complications, a big wrinkle with doing this the way you can from Vision is that web browsers really don’t like webpages to open unsolicited print dialogs that can interact with native code. It’s something we might be able to work around with the still-mostly-theoretical ‘Perspective Workstation Edition’ (dedicated desktop apps), but will almost certainly not work as well as you would want in regular browsers.


Got it. Thanks for the update.

I don’t know your use case, but if it helps: you might not be able to access local printers, but if you can set up all your printers on the gateway, you might have some luck. We ended up working around the issue by putting everything we wanted to print into a report, then executing that as a png and using the java print functions to print it as a byte array with gateway scope.

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Clever. I’ll have to give that a try. Thanks for sharing.

At my old job, we ran into this issue (k12). We moved the printer to install the script and standard printer names and models. The script was able to link your IP to the campus and automatically install the two main printers in the front office. We used the same script for all lab desktops so that the two printers in each lab were automatically installed whenever students/facility logged in (see laser vs led printer guide). The same thing has been applied to VDI. This shaved an easy 2-3 minutes off the log when things were bad. We made further adjustments to help improve log on time as well.

Is there a way to do this now that Perspective Workstation is out?


If I want my Ignition to print something today, I could email from Ignition?

I just was thinking that having an app running on a printer that gets what to print from a printer webservice > the printer website might be better than having an additional app required for the Ignition client side computer.