not saving to file location

I am trying to save a report with a gateway tag change script here is the code for that“Reportu”, project=“Tampa_Refresco”, action=“save”,actionSettings= {“path”:"\\data.UTAC\SFiles.UTAC\Quality\CIP_Reports", “fileName”:“L3CIP.pdf”, “format”:“pdf”})

It doesn’t show up in the file but when i look on the gateway it says the script was a success not sure what I’m doing wrong

This path looks suspicious. Is it a shared drive? Is it mapped in ignition.conf?

If nothing else you’re missing some backslashes to avoid them being treated as escape characters.

If it’s a share the path should be something like:


yes its a shared drive where in the config do you map it?
i tried your path and it didnt work but it could be the config

also when i schedule the report for a time it will save the report to the file no problem but the script will not