- retries

Version 7.8.3

Does the “retries” actionSetting that is part of specify the number of times that the server will attempt to email the report in the event the first attempt fails?

My client wants verification before this is added to the production system.


No. Once an email makes it to an SMTP server, Ignition has no ‘hand on the ball’, so to speak - it’s entirely outside of our domain. The retries configuration really only affects whether we attempt to send the message again in the event our local ‘client’ gets a useful failure/error message from the server - but typically, even such failure messages are asynchronous (mailer daemon failures for an invalid address, etc) and not immediately useful for the ‘retries’ setting.

Whether the SMTP server itself will try multiple times to send an email to a remote target is up to that server’s own implementation.

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When I said server, I meant Ignition Server. Does retries tell the Ignition server how many times to try to send the message, for example in the event there is a connection timeout error from the SMTP server.


In that case, essentially, yes. We’re still at the mercy of the SMTP server itself returning correct status information, but it should catch at least obvious cases like network failures.

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Also note that the retries are effectively immediate. So even if we get a decent notification from the SMTP server, a retry is unlikely to help. But we have it available on the off chance that it does something.

Thanks for the information… We have a weird situation where we are occasionally getting connection timeout errors from executeAndDistribute but never getting them from the alert notification system, both of which are using the same email profile. It is even more odd because there are many, many more alerts going out via email than reports.