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Hi guys, have a nice days.

I would like to use the executeReport function to generate a PDF file.

    overrides = {"myStringParam":"Hello world", "myIntParam":3}  
    bytesArray ="Audit", project="Copy_Of_teqa_1", 
    parameters=overrides, fileType="pdf")

The script above could not work. Anyone can help or give any advice. Thanks in advance. By the way, may I know what actually I need to write for path and project.

The docs for specify that there are two required arguments: filename and data. You are only specifying the data portion in your code.

Try:'MyReport.pdf', bytesArray)

Hi Bro cmallonee, I try already cant work. I think is because my path and project wrong. Can you further explain what actually I need to write for path and project because the docs that explain in Ignition forum is not clear.

The path of the report as it appears in the Designer, so a Report displayed at

L_ MyDir
   L_ MyReport

Should be referred to with this:

# I left off the fileType kwarg because you're using the default anyway"MyDir/MyReport", parameters={"myStringParam":"Hello world", "myIntParam":3})