use in an expression

Wish to use:

and another tag reference on the Visible property of a input box something like:

toInt(Tag({Root Container.TagPath}+"LoggedIn"))=0
"Foreman" in 

If either or both are true enable visible.

How do I wrap the python to work here?

You can use the lookup function to see if they have a certain role:toInt(Tag({Root Container.TagPath}+"LoggedIn"))=0 || lookup({[System]Client/User/RolesDataSet}, "Foreman", "", 0, 0) != ""

Or use indexOf on the RolesString tag

toInt(Tag({Root Container.TagPath}+"LoggedIn"))=0 || indexOf({[System]Client/User/RolesString},"Rolename")!=-1

Just be careful on that one if you use Foreman in some other role like ForemanSup.

Yeah, I was just about to give the caveat, but you beat me to it! :laughing: