returning "Name" instead of "Username." Any way to get current user's information?

Good Afternoon,

I’m attempting to programmatically get the current user’s contact information through the vision client. The code provided below worked when the “Name” and the “Username” were the same. Unfortunately the “Name” and “Username” section values are different now and as a result, I can’t call system.util.getUser() by passing in

username =
userInfo = system.user.getUser("", username) #returns None since username !=

I’m not sure if this is a bug or not but it’s a bit confusing at the very least. Any easy way around this?


What is the value in [System]Client/User/Username ?

[System]Client/User/Username is reading in “David Neal” instead of “David.Neal”

I’ll be honest, Dave, I’ve not seen this issue. You didn’t specify which version of Ignition you were using, but, if restarting the gateway doesn’t straighten it out, an upgrade may be in order.

EDIT: You might also try creating a new user source and see what that does. If it does the same thing, then going through support would be your best option.