system.serial.readUntil() args error

Hi All
I’m trying to read from a virtual serial port and parse that data for my application. This is my first time using the system.serial functions and I’m having a hard time having the correct syntax. I can configure and open serial port without any issue. I want to extract the data from the data packet which looks similar to this:

This is the code that I’m using:

port = ‘COM9’
char = ‘!!’
delimiter = chr(char)
timeout = 10000
includeDelimiter = 0

event.source.parent.getComponent(‘Text Field’).text = system.serial.readUntil(port, delimiter, includeDelimiter, timeout)

I wan to keep the port open and read from it continuously so I chose .readUntil() over .readLine(). I get this ‘can’t coerce to int’ and ‘can’t coerce to char’ from the delimiter line.