system.serial.writeBytes and system.serial.write

Dear Sir/Ms

I encountered an issue when using system.serial.writeBytes and system.serial.write.

When i write to the hyperterminal, i notice that the first few characters are missing , the maximum characters that it would output to the hyper terminal is only “03-19 16:22:56”, whatever is in front would be chopped off.
Whereas the two statements { print "today = " , today} before and after the write statement , printed on to the console perfectly.
It seems that there is some kind of limitation or buffer? Is there any way to increase it?
I need to send/write a data packet in one write command across the serial port.
I have no problem reading the similar data packet, it looks something like this in ASCII format:
“2018-03-19 16:25:13<\r><\n>Number=30<\r><\n>1,60.0<\r><\n>2,0.0<\r><\n>”

Would appreciate any advise or help in this .
Thank you very much

The following is my code tested using date and time only instead of the full data packet:

def serialwrite(today):
print " "
print "START *********************************************************START "
print "today = " , today
system.serial.writeBytes(port, today)
print "today = " , today
system.serial.write(port, today)

today1 =
today=, “yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss”)
print serialwrite(today)

Found the issue lies with the hyper terminal limitation(due to an very old version)
After trying with latest version of hyper terminal, after writing a whole chunk of data packet to the serial port, all the characters are displayed correctly on the hyper terminal
Thank you

Cool. It seemed suspicious that the messages were being cut off where you were sending the carriage return / line feed combo - more like a display issue in Hyper Terminal than anything in the driver.

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