System Slowing down over a period

I am facing a sever system lag, when i open Ignition,MS SQL and other supporting software’s of the PLC.
When i check the Task Manager, 'Zulu Platform *64 Architecture ’ occupies most of the CPU.
Is there a way i can optimize the usage?
Even ignition service restart does not help sometimes.

Sounds like overcommitted RAM yielding thrashing. Too many pieces on the same underpowered hardware, usually. Check your memory allocation in ignition.conf. If it doesn’t leave any physical ram for the other services, your system will go into swap, with terrible results. If you lower that setting, and there then isn’t enough RAM for Ignition’s workload, Ignition will choke. In that case, you need more hardware.

Personally, I never place the database in the same server as Ignition. Separate VMs in a hypervisor, perhaps, if the hypervisor is not overcommitted.

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I have 16 GB ram of which i have allocated 5 GB to ignition in ignition.conf. Still i face issues at times.
May be i need to try out keeping the database in a VM or a different PC.

Thank you for the support

+1 on what Phil said. The database should be on a separate host.

In the meantime, check the memory allocation to SQL server. and set it to something reasonable. By default, it will use all the memory it can. This article can give some handy calculations.

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