System.tag.browse `attributes` HashSet - What can I do with this?

I have results from system.tag.browse, some which have an attributes key, but what can I actually do with this? Is it only there to know what attributes the tag has configured?
For example, one tag returned from from within a UDT instance has an "override" value in the attributes. Can I actually get the overridden props from this? Or is it literally just there to tell me that the tag has overrides applied? (or has history, security, scripting, etc.)

HashSet is iterable. You should inspect each element.

Each element is a string type :confused: or unicode... can't remember

Huh. Not what I expected. Look for patterns?

That's what I thought! Not sure what you mean by patterns?

See if you can correlate the presence/absence of various strings there with what you find in exported JSON. Or things like that.

The attributes in there seem to be the things that are configured for the tag. For example, if a tag has security, there will be a "security" string in the attributes. If not, then it won't be in there. I was just wondering if you can do anything else with it