System.tag.browse is slow with remote tag providers

When using Edge machines with data sync and remote tags is not possible to use system.tag.browse function to get tag list.
There is 2 bugs:

  1. function returns full paths wrong
  2. function is Extremely slooooooowww and not usable

The incorrect path may have been fixed in 8.1.4, unless you’re talking about something else:

Browse results across remote tag providers have incorrect provider name in the node description’s fullPath property.

How are you using the browse function and how many tags are on the remote? It’s of course going to be slower because it’s making remote network calls, but perhaps something is wrong.

Ok, we need to update version and check this.

We are using system.tag.browse ( also tried system.tagbrowseSimple) for list of different kind of tags from selected station. Station is normally part of process.
Some tags are from Edge pc:s and some from gateway.

Gateway based tags are resulting really fast.

There is not so much tags per Edge, maybe thousand or two.

It seems to be still bug in system.tag.browse function.

I have test structure
Folder1 (this is folder)
-Folder2 (this is folder)
–Analyse (this is instance)
—B. (this is instance
----Measure (this is tag)

If I copy tag path in designer tag tree I get result:

Then I make system.tag.browse where path is “[default]folder1”
I get result:


So fullPath does not include instance name at all?
“Analyse” and “B” is instance name.

Can this really be true?