System.tag.browse returning [default] instead of proper tag provider

We’re using version 8.1.2. As of updating to this version, system.tag.browse always returns the tag provider as [default] even though we’re using remote tag providers across a gateway network. I believe these tag providers are still on some version of 8.0, if that’s relevant.

Any idea why this is happening? Has something changed with remote tag providers? Any insight would be appreciated. Thank you!

This may be fixed in 8.1.3; we did fix something with system.tag.browse() that caused it to be inconsistent when called from different scopes.

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I figured it was probably something like that, what with all the changes to the function in .12, just wanted a sanity check. Thanks @Kevin.Herron!

If it turns out to still be an issue in 8.1.3 let us know.

Mmm, I just noticed a PR this morning fixing something that sounds more like your issue. So it might not actually be fixed by the change in 8.1.3 I mentioned originally.

I just tested this on the new 8.1.3 release and it is still returning returning [default] as the tag provider across the remote tag provider.

Yeah, my last post about a different PR being the actual fix was right - that one was only merged 2 days ago and will be in 8.1.4.

Got it. I installed the nightly for now and confirmed it’s working as expected.

This is actually holding us up from going into production with a fairly large project. Our customer doesn’t want to go-live with a nightly or RC build. Do you have any estimation of when 8.1.4 will drop?

March 30 at the earliest.

Got it. Thanks for the quick replies, Kevin!