System.tag.browse seems slower than it was in v7?

I don’t know if it’s just me, but the system.tag.browse functions seems a lot slower now to return than it did in v8 if you use recursive calls… Is it just me? It took 76s to browse a sub-folder recursively (20,000 UDT instances).

Edit: it’s actually super quick if you set the filter “recursive” key to True, however this is a bit useless because the fullpath is not the fullpath, it’s just the name of the tag without any folder structure behind it :confused: the recursive filter is also undocumented…

Just as a follow up to this in v8.1.7, I don’t know when this fix was made, but using system.tag.browse and setting the recursive filter to true (e.g. system.tag.browse(filter={'recursive': True})) will now return super fast with a full context in the fullPath key. No need to create your own function now to look recursively call system.tag.browse if the results have children which is super slow!

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