System.tag.browse switches tag provider for path in result

We just some gateways from 8.0.x to 8.1.2. And now the following script is not working

The following script (on a button):

tagPath = "[myAwesomeTagProvider]my/path"
results = system.tag.browse(path = tagPath, filter = {'tagType':'UdtInstance'})#,'name':filterName})
browseResults = results.getResults()
print browseResults 

Outputs the following:

[{u'fullPath': [default]my/path, u'hasChildren': True, u'name': u'myname', u'tagType': UdtInstance, .......

As you can see the tag provider path changes in the result. Meaning that i cannot use the result paths for further scripting…

Is this a bug?

Actually, we can’t see, because your output is trimmed. ):

But it does sound like a regression.

og sorry about that. By it can be seen above that myAwesomeTagProvider has been changed with default.

Which is a problem