system.tag.browseConfiguration clarification

How can i get tag configuration of a single tag? I guess, the script function system.tag.browseConfiguration browses a folder or UDT path, not an individual tag. Will it give the configuration of a single atomic tag if I give the path os the single tag, instead of folder path parameter?

you have to use the tag path
config = system.tag.getConfiguration(path, False)

Thanks. I also thought as much. I will give it a try.

is the last line “system.tag.getConfiguration(path, False)” or “system.tag.browseConfiguration(path, False)”? There is no function called system.tag.getConfiguration(path, False)!

Also when I try browseConfiguration on a tag path, it gives error "AttributeError: ‘com.inductiveautomation.ignition.common.script.Imm’ object has no attribute ‘browseConfiguration’"!

Any help will be appreciated! Looks like to me, there is no function available in the scripts to get co figuration of individual tags , it’s only available for a folder or udt in recursive or non recursive way !

system.tag. getConfiguration (path, False) is only available in version 8. Maybe you are using an older version, so that function does not appear.

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You might get more help on this topic if it was posted in a more appropriate category. This topic has nothing to do with the SDK.

Ok , got it. However in lower versions is there no way I can get the configuration of individual tags? That seems unlikely! I tried to see how to get TagConfiguration object for a given tag path, but could find a function to do that in 7.9version! Thanks a lot for the help so far.

I figured out that for lower versions we have to individually read the tag properties. There is no other way! Perhaps that’s why this function is deprecated in version 8 and a getConfiguration introduced which works at folder and tag level. So I will have to manage with what ever 7.9 provides. Hopefully same will work of higher versions as well, though I could have used the new function.

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I thought module development to be appropriate. Perhaps Archived Topics would have been more appropriate! I will post it there as well if I am unable to find a solution with previous replies so far.

The Ignition category would have been the most appropriate. The main page of the forum has a paragraph describing what is appropriate in each category. This topic is about script functions in Ignition. Ergo, the Ignition category. I don’t get how you would pick Module Development.