system.tag.browseTags not functional in Ignition 8?

When using the following script in Ignition 7.9.7, the system.tag.browseTags function would return an array containing roughly 10,000 items.

brTags = system.tag.browseTags(tagPath=filterPath + ‘/*’, recursive=1)

After transitioning to Ignition 8, the same script returns an empty array. I understand the function is deprecated, but was under the impression it would still be functional. If it is no longer functional, how could I use an Ignition 8 function to return same data. I’ve been trying to implement system.tag.browse but haven’t been able to replicate. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated! Thanks

Try looking at the user manual here:

I ran some of the example scripts in a designer script console and was able to get results.

If that doesn’t help, post:

  1. more information about what the original script accomplished
  2. maybe the whole original script and
  3. what you have so far for the new script.
  4. results of running the new script.

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Code Here

The issue has been resolved. Thanks!