System.tag.configure in script results in 'Bad_AccessDenied'

Ignition 8.0.12

I’m trying to script changes to several tags by copying the configuration of one tag to all the others.

When I use the old system.tag.editTag command/syntax, it works, but it won’t accept several of the attributes I want to set, e.g., HistoricalDeadband, HistoryMaxAge).

When I use system.tag.configure in the following manner:

orig = '[Source]foobar_path'
configs = system.tag.getConfiguration(orig, True)
results = system.tag.browse(path = '[Source]foo_path', filter = {'tagType':'folder'})
for result in results.getResults():
	name = result['name']
	parentPath = '[Source]foo_path/'+ name + '/bar_path'
 	system.tag.configure(parentPath, configs, "o")

I get [Bad_AccessDenied].

What am I doing wrong?