System.tag.configure with dataset tag without getConfiguration

Similar to this post, except I'm not using getConfiguration. I am creating UDT instances via a script, which works, however one of the UDT tag members is a dataset and I can't seem to write/update while creating the instance. I can write/update other members, like memory strings (Cfg_Desc/Label/Tag).

If myDataset is a dataset, the UDT data type will show as a document (the definition is dataset).
Using a list gets me the closest, at least there are values in the dataset, but it shows type conversion error.

How do I update a dataset tag using system.tag.configure

baseTagPath = "Motors"
tagName = "Motor 1"
typeId = "Motor"
tagType = "UdtInstance"

props = [
		{'name': 'Cfg_Desc', 'value': '1'},
		{'name': 'Cfg_Label', 'value': '2'},
		{'name': 'Cfg_Tag', 'value': '3'},
		{'name': 'Cfg_TagGroup', 'value': myDataset}

tag = {
            "name": tagName,         
            "typeId" : typeId,
            "tagType" : tagType,
            "tags" : props,
            "parameters" : {}
system.tag.configure(baseTagPath, [tag], 'm')

So I guess it can only take a string? I did a tag export and looked at how the data was presented and then used that in my script, taking the rows as a list and making it a string.

"{\"columns\":[{\"name\":\"Name\",\"type\":\"java.lang.String\"}],\"rows\":" + str(rowData) + "}"

Seems to work. As always, if there is a better way please let me know.