system.tag.editAlarmConfig on UDT instance - Ignition 7.9.4


Is there something broken with this scripting function regarding UDT instances, or is it not meant to be used for other than “flat” tags? When I try to update some associated data properties in a UDT, all other properties are overwritten… but I’m left with the correct value for the property I wanted to set… #gotthatgoingformewhichisgreat

This comes up from time to time. Here’s a quote from an internal response on this;

I think this is simply due to how alarms work in udts. You cannot override individual properties of the alarm, you only re-define the entire alarm. So when you edit it in this way, you’re redefining it to only have 1 custom property.

I’m sure this is inconvenient, but it probably won’t change anytime soon. Although not ideal, a work around would be to create memory tags for the custom property values, bind the properties to those, and edit them by writing the tag values.

So in my case, I have a UDT which have approx 10 alarms, I would have to create 30 asscosiated memory tags? since I need 3 custom properties for each alarm.

Yeah, I think that falls under “I’m sure this is inconvenient” and “not ideal”. :wink:

hehe, I see :slight_smile: thanks for the clarification though. Hopefully there will be an easier way to do this in the future.