system.tag.editTag problem


I tried to used “system.tag.editTag”, but It does not work in my case.
I have one tag and one data type that I want to disable in the “Tag_Test” folder.
This is the code in the value change of “tag”:

system.tag.editTag(tagPath="[default]Tag_Test/Tag1", overrides={"STATUS":{"Enabled":"false"}})

I tried to change the value in this tag but the data type “Tag8” It is not disabled.
I enclose an image.

How can I solve it?


Try -

system.tag.editTag(tagPath="[default]Tag_Test/Tag1", attributes={"Enabled":"False"})

Overrides are used for editing tags within the UDT, you are trying to edit the UDT itself so you would think of it as a tag and use attributes instead. Just a note - in the manual example it uses “STATUS” as the override key, STATUS would be the name of the tag within the UDT that you are overriding.

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Thanks you very much! Now it works.