system.tag.getConfiguration changes in 8.0.17?

Wondering if anyone is aware of any changes to system.tag.getConfiguration?

I started getting errors after updating from 8.0.14, and have had to add ‘.value’ to my code as per below.

		oTagConfig = system.tag.getConfiguration(sElementPath)
		iArrayIndex = oTagConfig[0]['parameters']['ArrayIndex']**.value**
		sElementType = oTagConfig[0]['parameters']['ElementTag']**.value**	
		sOPCServer = oTagConfig[0]['parameters']['IPC']**.value**

This is occurring because, in 8.0.15, UDT parameters were changed back to having specific datatypes associated with them. Because of this, the parameters object returned by the getConfiguration went from something like:

u'parameters': {u'MyInt': 1, u'MyFloat': 3.13, u'MyString': u'A String'}


u'parameters': {u'MyInt': {datatype=Integer, value=1}, u'MyFloat': {datatype=Float, value=3.13}, u'MyString': {datatype=String, value=A String}}}

While an unintended consequence; because getConfiguration returns the JSON definition of the tag as Ignition knows it, you are ending up with the new definition that was converted on upgrade to an 8.0.15+ version of Ignition.