system.tag.queryTagHistory() always returns 0.0 value

I am using below script to get historical tag values

dataset = system.tag.queryTagHistory(
		paths = ['MSP_Tags/CCM3/Billet Casting Speed Strand _3'],
		startDate = startTime,
		endDate = endTime,
		aggregationMode = 'Average',
		intervalMinutes = 1,
		ignoreBadQuality = True,
		timeout = 10000

for row in range(dataset.rowCount):
	tstamp = dataset.getValueAt(row,0)
	speed = dataset.getValueAt(row,1)
	print tstamp,speed

Can someone help me with this? what am I doing wrong because since last few days similer statements working fine


Do you have actual data for the month of January in the year 2018
?? :grinning:

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I have checked purging policy and found data has been already purged.
Thanks for help

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