I was just wondering if the system.tag.readAll can be used with system.gui.createPopupMenu?
Will the tag values show in the popup menu?

What I want to happen is that when I right click on an object it will show the value of my tags, or maybe when I hover on the object, what else can I use besides system.gui.createPopupMenu?

In that case I would use the Mouseover Text property of the component. You can bind that string to an expression bringing in the values of tags. The mouseover text will show up when the user hovers over the component.

ok, i got that to work but it’s only getting the last value of the tag. and is is there a way to customize the mouseover text property? like how many it’s going to show, the background color of it, those kind of customizations…

You can’t change the background color. However, you can put HTML inside of the mouseover text to display multiple lines and change colors. Here is an example:"<html>" + "Tag 1: <b>" + {Path/To/Tag1} + "</b><br>" + "Tag 2: <b>" + {Path/To/Tag2} + "</b>"Hope that gives you an idea.

ok i’ll try that, but just in case, can you suggest anything else other than using the mouseover property?

YES! I got it to work! Thank you so much! :smiley: :thumb_right: :prayer: