this returnsQualifiedValue[] - A sequence of qualified values corresponding to each tag path given. Each qualified value will have three sub-members: value, quality, and timestamp.

When I run it (7.5.5) I only get value and quality.

My bigger problem is how do I breakup the sequence to display in separate columns?
I’ve tried tag[0], tag[1] this throws object is not subscritable.
I’ve trieda,b = tagthis throws object is not iterable.
If I print the response I get[value,quality] so it looks list a list, it just doesn’t want to act like one.

It’s not a list, it’s an Object (a QualifiedValue, actually). Its toString() just happens to look like a Python list.

Wow. quickest answer yet.

Great. how do I get the data out of the object?

 tag.value or tag.value() or ??? 

Err, your other question: do you want turn this into a dataset with value and quality columns?

and other information

It’s ok, I’ve got it.

I found an example of the correct syntax in

Well, as for how to access them:

qvs = system.tag.readAll(["Tag1", "Tag2", "Tag3"])
for qv in qvs:
	print 'value=%s, quality=%s' % (qv.value, qv.quality)

Getting them along with other values into a DataSet is just gonna require some good old fashioned programming and the use of system.dataset.toDataSet(). We’ll need more context if you need more help.

EDIT: YOU BEAT ME TO IT! :laughing: