system.tag.requestGroupExecution() Issue (?) with Leased Tag Groups

I’m trying to trigger a Tag Group execution on a Leased tag group, but it doesn’t seem to work. After the execution of system.tag.requestGroupExecution(provider_name, tag_group_name), the tag (which is assigned to that Tag Group) value doesn’t get updated and I still get:

Last published value [null, Uncertain_InitialValue, Mon Sep 26 08:25:31 CEST 2022 (1664173531429)] ERROR

Am I missing out something?

That doesn’t make tags leased, it just causes the tags that are leased to update.

It doesn’t even do that, because he’s in OPC Subscribed mode. It basically does nothing to subscribed OPC tags, regardless of the group execution mode.

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Yeah, I know. That’s what I’m trying to achieve, but the Leased tags’ values don’t get updated.

Ok, nice to know. Thank you!

Maybe what you really want is a tag group in Driven mode? Not sure what the rest of the requirements are.

The Tag Group should stay in Leased Mode. I just needed the tags in that Tag Group to be forcefully updated just one time while not being shown in a View, regardless of the Rate parameter set to 0 ms.
I suppose that’s not actually possible.

I imagine a subscription could be manually created in a tag manager where the first value arrival would unsubscribe itself. That would “lease” for one interval. Hmmm.

You’d have to get comfortable with the SDK interfaces to do this.

If you succeed (without crashing your gateway), report back please.