system.tag.storeTagHistory support in Ignition Edge?

Does anyone know if system.tag.storeTagHistory (or a similar functionality) is planned to be supported in Edge? For my application, I need the ability to store history for multiple tags relative to a single timestamp and scan classes do not apparently offer that.

Probably not - one of the core tenets of Edge is that it only supports going directly through our historian to put data into databases. You’re welcome to submit a feature to - we have generally allowed more things on Edge over time, but I would say this is fairly unlikely to change.

Would you mind elaborating on that? Why exactly wouldn’t a scan class help here?

Are you trying to record multiple tag values simultaneously once, instead of polling? If so then a Driven Scan Class with One Shot enabled might give you the functionality you’re looking for.

Thank you for the suggestion. Unfortunately, I have tried that and ran into issues. See the following post for background:

What I found was that even though I set up the tags to record based on a driven scanclass with a one shot configured, historical tag values in the set had a different timestamps (I had to print the millisecond and microseconds of each timestamp to discover the cause). It would be nice if there was an option to force the scanclass to use a single timestamp.

You are trying to replicate the functionality of the SQL Bridge module – transaction groups. That isn’t offered in Edge. And all of the ways that would emulate a transaction group require gateway scripting, which also isn’t offered in Edge.

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Update, this works in 8.1x+ if you have compute and edge sync, just tested!