system.tag.writeBlocking limit

Is there a limit, either real or practical, in the number of tags that can be batched with the system.tag.writeBlocking function?
What is the trade off of multiple calls vs tag quantity in terms of efficiency?
(have a script which was originally written to write ~200 tags using system.tag.write. I want to convert it to batch the writes, but I’m not sure how many calls I should use. The target is a s7-1500 connected via OPC, not OPC-UA if it matters.)

I would happily write 200 tags with writeBlocking.

I would not write 200,000 tags with writeBlocking.

For any values in between, I’d do some benchmarking to determine whether there are actual efficiency gains/bottlenecks anywhere in the system (how efficiently things are batched is going to depend on server settings, where the writes are originating from, where the writes are going to, and some other factors); it’s impossible to give a single piece of concrete advice.

That works, thanks!