system.tag.writeBlocking returns good quality, but is not written to OPC tag

Hello!, I have a gateway event which is triggered from a value change from an OPC tag, this event has a script to validate some functions and then write values on the OPC tags.
Some times the function is not writteen to the tag; I already change the function .write to .writeBlocking, but the result its the same.
Im not sure if someone has the same issue, and what I’m doing wrong,

Note: using the function .writeBlocking the results is always good, and I cant get any logs with a error.

Can you post your script?

attached is the part where Im trying to write on the OPC tag

def SendStart(seqn):
	system.tag.write("[.]mensaje",GetCurrentmsg()+ "<br>-Funcion SendStart() ")
	system.tag.write("[.]mensaje",GetCurrentmsg()+ "<br>-Valores Enviados al PLC")
	result = system.tag.writeBlocking(["[.]start_PC","[.]status_PC"],[ValueStart,ValueStatus])
	system.tag.write("[.]mensaje",GetCurrentmsg()+ "<br>-Evalua  Start: "+str(result))

You’ll need to edit and post it within a preformatted block. Python is unreadable without intact spacings

However, I’d suggest instead of building your values to write within the function arguments, to write them into a variable which you pass in. It’ll make your life easier when it comes to diagnosing issues as you’ll know exactly what you’re passing into the functions and if they’re in fact valid. Then put a bunch of print statements to check the values