System Tags - Gateway - Alarming Highest Priority Alarm

I am working on alarming and using internal ignition alarm priority to display an alarm indicator.
This indicator will display the highest Active Unacked alarm. This was created with an expression tag which uses max() and includes about 40 alarm tags and will present an integer value with the highest Active Unacked Alarm.
In summary i want to create a button that changes color to the highest Active Unacked priority of the gateway! (highest alarm in the alarm status table).

There are system tags for the gateway that gives a total count of how many Active & Unacked alarms. Is there a way to add a tag that will display the highest alarm priority for the gateway? I am sure this data can be extracted from the gateway. As it would be impractical to add every system alarm tag in an expression statement.

Looking for suggestion on how to implement easily.

You can use system.alarm.queryStatus to get this back. Either return all alarms, or filter by critical, then high, medium, etc. until you find alarms in those categories. Not tlsure which would be the fastest… Not ideal to run this from the gui as it will take a short while to run and will lock it up

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