System Time not same as local time

having an issue where the system[currentdatetime] is off by 1 hour compared to local time on the server.
I have restarted the gateway with no effect.
server is in central time, but when running the project all my times on reports or on screens are all off by 1 hour.
Any suggestions?

Look in your ignition.conf file for any java timezone override.

i opened that file from C:\Program Files\Inductive Automation\Ignition\data but nothing in there about timezone?

Ok. Any timezone override in the project settings?

not sure where to look for that?
thanks for helping smile:

Ignition 8:
Ignition 7.9:

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there is nothing in the project related to timezone? Am I missing something?

Wrong link. Access from the designer:

Look at the “Vision General Properties”

Thank you , thank you, that was the issue.