system.user.getUser() Case Sensitive

Ran my self around in circles for a hour because I could not find a user with system.user.getUser() although it most certainly existed in my user source!

Long story short it appears that this function is case-sensitive for the user name. Is there any workarounds to get around this? Unfortunately for this specific user source, I have no control over the case of the username.

I think you’ll need to iterate over the userList. Here’s an example with two users with varying username capitalization:

def matchUser(userIn):
  # get all users
  users = system.user.getUsers('')
  foundFlag = 0
  # compare each user by lowercase
  for user in users:
    username = user.get(user.Username)
    if username.lower() == userIn.lower():
      foundFlag = 1

  if foundFlag == 1:
    return system.user.getUser('',username)
    return 'User not found.'

user2find = 'JoRdAnC'
print matchUser(user2find)

user2find = 'gailw'
print matchUser(user2find)


I was afraid that was the answer. I have 5K+ users in some sources, so trying to avoid the iteration if possible, but this will certainly work. Thanks.

Could tidy it up a bit with a list comprehension:

users = system.user.getUsers('')
usernames = [u.get('username').lower() for u in users]
user2find ='myuser'
if user2find in usernames:
	return True       # or do something else
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Returns user using a dictionary lookup:

def getUserIgnoreCase(user2find):
	users = system.user.getUsers('')
	usernames = [u.get('username').lower() for u in users]
	usersdict = dict(zip(usernames, users))
	if user2find.lower() in usersdict:
		return usersdict[user2find.lower()]
		return False

Just checking in on this. Seems like this is a bug on the Ignition side since a user can login without having to match case. Are there plans to make this not case sensitive?

I think case sensitivity must be maintained because whether or not that matters is a detail of the underlying UserSourceProfile. The internal one, for example, prevents you from creating duplicate users in a case insensitive manner, but that is only enforced in the UI.

That some profiles will authenticate a user in a case insensitive manner is also a detail of that type of profile.

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But why is the gateway page and all launchers and even the login page for clients ignoring case sensitivity then?

None of these things ignore case sensitivity - they pass the credentials as provided to the underlying user source implementation, which may choose to ignore case sensitivity.

ah okay. it would be nice, if the getUser() could do that as well : )

is there a way to fetch that information from the user source?