System.util.execute in a tags

Goodmorning everyone
I have a problem with the “system.util.execute” command because I inserted this code in the editor script of the actionperformed , button: “system.util.execute ([” C: /windows/system32/cmd.exe “,” / C ", “start”, “C: \ WinSCP \ SyncToLocalScript.bat”]) "and everything works perfectly
but I need this code to start automatically once a day and write it in the value Events section of a tag this: “if currentValue.value == 1: system.util.execute ([” C: \ windows \ system32 \ cmd.exe “,” / C “,” start “,” C: \ WinSCP \ SyncToLocalScript.bat "]) but it does not work where I’m wrong
thanks for the help

Tag scripts run on the gateway. The batch file (and everything the batch executes) must also be on the gateway.

So where should I enter the command to execute in command system.util.execute?
I tried to insert it in the event scripts gateway, but it does not work