System.util.execute on Linux Client

Ultimately I need to be able to call a telnet session from a Perspective button, however I am unable to get ANYTHING to execute.


Every attempt ends with: Cannot run program “/bin/bash”: CreateProcess error=2, The system cannot find the file specified

What am I missing?? Only see the error on Designer, Client just acts as thought there is no script on the button. (Yes same PC).

This isn’t going to work through a web browser. You’re using a browser or perspective workstation because it might work with that?

According to the manual Perspective is in scope. I will try the Perspective Workstation.


  • Parameters

String[] commands - A list containing the command (1st entry) and associated arguments (remaining entries) to execute.

  • Returns


  • Scope

Gateway, Vision Client, Perspective Session

system.util.execute does work on the gateway scope, where Perspective scripts run, but keep in mind that’s the gateway scope - so your execute call is happening on the gateway, not locally to your clients. Also, your Ignition service is likely running with a different PATH than you have in a standard logon session.