system.util.getSystemFlags() in Gateway Tag Change Event?

I’m getting the following error when executing this code in a Gateway Tag Change event script:

sf = system.util.getSystemFlags()

Using Ignition 7.5.11 (b1526)

getSystemFlags() is a client-scoped function, you can’t use it in any gateway-scoped scripts.

What are you trying to accomplish?

The function system.util.getSystemFlags() doesn’t exist in Gateway Scripts.

The system.util.getSystemFlags() function provides information about clients and designers and so doesn’t have a use in a Gateway Script.

Yes, I see my flaw in thinking now. I was trying to implement Nick’s suggestion from a previous post except that my code is in a Gateway Timer event. My timer is checking a web service every minute and updating SQLTags or adding new ones based on the values it receives from the service.

I’ve run into a problem where, if I want to enable the Historian for the newly created tags (using the IA Scripting module), I will need to specify the PrimaryHistoryProvider.

I was hoping if I left it out of the attributes or set it to the empty string, it would use the Default Database Provider for the project… but I think I read in a previous post (sorry no link to that one) that SQLTags are global in scope to all projects, so it makes sense that you will have to specify the Historian DB.

I think I’ll just add that to the list of user configuration tags.