system.util.playSoundClip not working?

Hello Forum,

I am trying to play a sound every time an alarm is going active but i cant get it very well, my main problem is that i have a lot of alarms (about 3000) so i cant get it through a single soundplayer component.
I tried to make things work through tag event scripts inside every tag. In alarm active section i done something like this:

if alarmName == “Alarm”:

but it didnt work.

It seems like system.util.playsoundclip doesnt work??!!

Any ideas how can i play a sound in every alarm activated?

I’m also trying to get the playSoundClip to work for alarm annunciation and it’s not playing a sound. It doesn’t work on 8.0.6 rc1 but I was able to get it to work on 8.0.4 rc1. Is this a bug?

What scope are you trying to play the sound clip in?

I think there are complications trying to play a sound on the gateway because it’s running as service.

I am trying to play a wav file. I use exactly the same syntax as the manual of the function says.

I use the sound player to play the wav file and its working but i cant with the function.

This is an important question, which you haven’t answered, @ntsib . The playSoundClip() function will run on the Gateway, and so that is where the sound will play. If your local machine is not the machine which hosts the Gateway, you will not hear the sound if supplying a wavFile argument.

The Sound Player only works because the .wav file becomes embedded as part of the component, so - as the docs imply - the file doesn’t need to be shared or referenced by the local machine because it IS a part of the component.

Thank you guys i moved the files to VM local machine and it worked.